About us

Please note that this website is currently under construction.
Nevertheless, seniors4success is already the correct point of contact if:

  • you would like to establish a network in your country
  • you would like to be accompanied in preparation of your retirement
  • you would like to participate in the workshop “How to master transition into retirement”
  • you would like to learn more about the HR instrument “Senior Retention” as a means of keeping in touch with already retired employees
  • you would like to network with other people who wish to initiate change, if you would like to contribute in terms of your competencies, your physical fitness, your independence and your energy somewhere closer to your home
  • you would like to receive information about developments and trends, experiences and findings on “people before and after retirement”
  • you are interested in a scientific study in relation to “people before and after retirement”

This is an international platform with the objective to make use of the potential of all the people shortly before or shortly after retirement.

Corporations of the future will have to

  • realize that they can’t do without the know-how and the experience of elder employees
  • learn what it means to offer an age-specific work environment and will have to see the benefits of such a step
  • see that it definitely matters if people in retirement speak positively or negatively about the company they worked for.

This platform aims at pooling international initiatives and exchanging experiences on this topic.

Dr. Leopold Stieger
Founder of the platform seniors4success

seniors4success - dr. leopold stieger | valentingasse 20B | a-1230 vienna/austria | tel. +43-1-8885150